Pros and Cons of Being a Vet Tech: Career Explained

If you love working with animals, pursuing a career as a veterinary technician may be something you should consider. A lot of people that got on board with the job usually do so because they were excited at the prospect of being able to interact with different kinds of animals all day. However, while the job does involves a lot of animal interaction, there’s more to being a vet tech than just that. Often times, people get confused over what the differences are between a vet and a vet tech.

Part of the traits you need to succeed in this job includes being compassionate and cooperative, and at the same time, having a strong stomach. There are a number of pros and cons involved with the job and it wouldn’t hurt if you will consider exploring each first before making a decision.

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Getting to Know the Pros

  • You’ll be working with animals - Animal lovers will definitely love the fact that they can interact with animals all the time. Vet techs are like veterinary nurses so you’ll be petting, cuddling, and caring for cute furries day in and day out. There is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling with caring for helpless animals and this makes the career quite rewarding.
  • Secure career - People pursuing a career in the veterinary industry will enjoy considerable job security. It is one of today’s largest industries, after all. Technology in veterinary medicine is also advancing and with more and more pet owners getting educated on how to be more responsible pet parents, the demand for skilled and trained veterinary experts is even higher.
  • You can help educate people - You get the chance to educate other people as it’s a considerable part of the job. You’ll be educating people about the need for proper pet care, neutering and spaying, adopting pets instead of buying them and many more. Caring for animals is an important advocacy and being able to get other people to become more informed about something close to your heart, one that matters heavily to you is an amazing and fulfilling feeling.
  • You’ll learn new things every day - Every day that you show up for work, not only will you be met by new challenges, you can expect to learn something new too— something that you’ll need if you’re to become great at what you do.
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Vet Tech Career Cons

  • Low pay despite working long hours - You’ll be working really long days as a vet tech. You’ll start early and you’ll likely end late as well. Despite the long hours, the pay won’t be as much. An income of $25000 a year or so are usually your income prospects. As you get more experienced, you might fetch a $30000 annual rate or more.
  • Euthanasia - You’ll have to assist in putting animals down. Some people might find this a turn-off as they cannot stomach helping pets cross over. What’s important though is you understand that this is one process you have to perform in order to help a pet. If pet deaths are going to bother you so much, more so the fact that you’ll help administer it, this may not be the most suitable career for you to pursue.
  • Can be dangerous - There are going to be risks with the job too. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of animals of all shapes and sizes and temperaments. So, bites and scratches are just some of the things that you’ll have to put up with in this particular career. If that isn’t something that will turn you off, then pursuing this career may be well worth it.
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