Say No to Negativity – 5 Tips to Break Free from Negative Thoughts

Have you ever struggled with negative thinking that made you question your self-worth? Or, have you been paralyzed with fear as you ruminate about the worst that is yet to happen? Negative thinking patterns can quickly become monsters inside your head. And, if you are not careful, they could swallow you whole – and have a debilitating impact on your life. Check out chiropractor San Marcos.

Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors are Related

As we deal with the difficult circumstances and everyday stress, we are all guilty of falling into patterns of negative thinking from time to time. However, when you dwell in that pattern over a long period of time, it can result in devastating impacts on our health, relationships, and work.

Falling into the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and feeling bad often can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors, drowns your self-esteem and before you know it, inadvertently, you have turned your biggest fears into reality.

How to Overcome the Negative Thoughts That Are Crippling You

I have had my own share of experience of the toxic effects brought about by negative thinking. It took me a lot of will power to drag myself out from that dark place. It was challenging, but yes, there is a way out of the crippling cycle of negativity.

If you too are struggling with negative thoughts often, here are five tips to help you break free from your addiction to negativity, which is actually costing you more.

  1. Do Away from the Negative Company

If you are always in the company of people who tend to encourage negativity and obsess about trivial things all the time, then you are more likely to suffer from negative thinking. You see, negativity is contagious. Surrounding yourself with positive people can do a great deal towards improving your mental state.

  • Try Getting Up and Walking Through the Door

Psychological studies suggest that walking through doorways empties your mind and causes you to forget things. Doorways serve as an event boundary in the brain that separate and erase the old information, exactly why you find yourself asking, “Why am I in this room and what am I looking for here?.”

So, the next time negative thoughts attack you, try getting up and walk through some doorways to destruct your thoughts and get back on track.

  • Move Your Body to Shake Destructive Thoughts Away

Exercising can be a great way to keep negative thoughts at bay. Engaging in physical activities have been linked to increased levels of feel-good hormones called endorphins while at the same time lowering the stress hormones called cortisol. This, and the fact that exercise can give you tons of health benefits, could mean more reasons to get yourself moving and take on an aerobic exercise routine.

  • Learn to Recognize and Identify Negative Thoughts Pattern

Negative thoughts result in unpleasant emotions and often come in repetitive patterns. Once you learn to recognize and identify them as they occur, you can begin to step back from them and empower yourself to let go and think big.

  • Beware! Suppressing Your Emotions Can Backfire

Many people try to do away with negative thoughts by stopping and numbing emotions. These include diversions, distractions, or drowning their sorrows only to find themselves stuck in negativity as the internal battle tends to become more deafening. Suppressing your emotions does not address the core of the problem and will eventually only amplify things and make matters worse.

You’ve Got What It Takes.

Realize that negative things happen and they are bound to hurt you. But you have the power to change things and turn these adversities in life into something that can make you a better person. By letting go of negativity, you can embrace happiness and live life to the fullest.